I am Ben Kucsan, Product Designer at Meta. I currently work as part of the core consumer team at WhatsApp in Menlo Park — focusing on the app’s core messaging experiences across platforms.

Prior to that, I worked on the design team at Portal, leading design on the 0 to 1 effort of building Live for Portal, with the ultimate goal of bringing people together through video in real time and making more moments meaningful. While there, I also spearheaded a product quality and accessibility initiative aiming to promote the concept of product ownership. The work was focussed on creating a framework and cadence that helped establish individual contributor ownership and provided a toolkit for this ownership to be effectively translated into ongoing customer experience improvements.

Prior to Meta, I co-founded and served as the Head of Design at Thread — a Y Combinator company building a truly personal commerce experience using a mixture of human expertise and data science. I served on the board of directors. I was responsible for all design at the company, led the design team and oversaw brand and product development. I built hiring processes and led design hiring. In 2016, the company received the British Fashion Council’s Innovator Award. In 2018, it became one of Y Combinator’s Top 100 Companies, ranked by revenue.

Prior to that, I worked as a Product Designer with Twitter, Duolingo and Mozilla among smaller startups. I am not available for full-time opportunities this time. I am available for limited volunteering and mentoring engagements.

If you are part of a historically underrepresented group in tech and are actively considering a career in product design or are at the beginning of your journey and think you could benefit from mentorship, I encourage you to get in touch.