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A truly personal
shopping experience

Just a few years ago Ben co-founded Thread and set off to build a truly personal shopping experience that is already changing the way people buy clothes. With the help of professional stylists the company is reimagining the interaction from the ground up and users are loving it.

Personal picks
from a real stylist

Through a regularly updated feed users receive personal recommendations from their own stylist. For every single pick, stylists consider the user’s taste, budget, sizes, body shape, height, hair and skin colour, clothes they own — and much more.

Stylists go through hundreds of items every week to carefully select the right ones to add to the user’s app. When they find a perfect one, they feature it in their feed.

Pinch to zoom on
any of the picks

Users can zoom in on any of their picks. The UI fades away so they get a beautiful, distraction free environment allowing them to get close to their picks and actually get a feel for the materials.

Guides with tips
and examples

Besides item recommendations, stylists regularly put together How To guides to help users learn what fits them in relation to their body shape, height, hair and skin colour.

Stylists also put together personal Ways to Wear guides that help users learn more about clothes they already own and how get the most out of them — rich with helpful tips and examples.

A curated browse

When looking for something specific, users can browse their curated selection. It’s carefully organised by their stylist, kept up to date and limited to a manageable amount: Only the best for them.

of brands

Stylists have thousands of brands in their pool to choose from for their users. From high street to luxury, from established mainstream to emerging designer labels — for each of them they carefully select the right mixture of brands they already like and new ones they will end up loving.

We are very excited about working with Thread given its potential to connect Burberry with customers in a new and innovative way.

Adam W.
Director Strategic Operations

A place to keep
all the favourites

Users can like and save any of their picks and personal guides they come across throughout the whole app. These get stored safely, stay private, and can be accessed anytime in their profile.

Saved and
organised for later

Users can not only like and save their favourite finds — the ones they want to keep together they can also organise into lists.

Liking and organising items not only helps the user keep track or save things for later, but also helps the user’s stylist improve over time.

Home try on
for free

Users can try on anything in the comfort of their homes for free. They have two weeks to decide and will only be charged if they decide to keep the item.

Always in the loop
about delivery

Users are always in the loop and in full control of their deliveries with regular and detailed order status updates featuring options to track an order, edit its details or get in touch with support with a press of a single button.

A truly personal
shopping experience

Everyone at my publisher commented on how well I was dressed. Several of the publicist crew noted how much more switched on and engaged I was. I felt insanely more confident in every talk I had to give and spent significantly longer out in the public rather than hiding in the staff green room — like I usually do.

Aaron D.

Just a few years ago Ben co-founded Thread and set off to build a truly personal shopping experience that is already changing the way people buy clothes. With the help of professional stylists the company is reimagining the interaction from the ground up and users are loving it. They love how easy it is to get personal picks from their own stylist and learn about what fits them and why in a beautiful, distraction free environment. They are amazed at how simple it is to find all the brands they already know and like — as well as discover new ones they’ll end up loving. They enjoy keeping and organising all their favourite finds in one place as well as trying them on in the comfort of their homes without the commitment to purchase. All while staying in the loop and in full control of their deliveries. Thread and their stylist is helping them dress well, feel happier and be more confident about themselves every day.

Thread was founded in the summer of 2012 by Ben Kucsan, Ben Phillips and Kieran O’Neill. Shortly after its inception, the company was selected to take part in Y Combinator, the Silicon Valley startup accelerator program, which according to WIRED magazine is ”the most prestigious program for digital entrepreneurs”. After a successful summer in the US and closing investment from Y Combinator, Michael Birch, Tom Hulme, Errol Damelin, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Andrew Jennings, Guy Hipwell and Elizabeth Saltzman among many, the company moved back to London in the fall of 2012, where it continued to focus on its mission and started to carefully build out the team of talent required to fully realise its product vision.

Today, Thread has 45 employees in its London office and around the same amount in its warehouse responsible for operations. Less than 5 years after its founding Thread reached the milestone of a record breaking £1M monthly sales figure in January 2017.

Thread’s mission is to help people feel happier and more confident about themselves, by making it easy for them to dress well. Meaningful and important — because of the positive change it can bring to people all over the world.

However, it’s essential to keep in perspective that in the US alone, 10.5 million tons of clothing ends up in landfill every year. It’s part of Thread’s larger goal to drastically reduce this number worldwide by helping people make the right decision when buying new clothes as well as making it incredibly easy to recycle clothes they don’t wear anymore. The company is working on a program that will include a free return label with all of its shipped boxes. This initiative will inspire people to go trough their wardrobe regularly with the help of their stylist and recycle items they no longer wear. Thread will make sure they are recycled responsibly or given a chance to be worn again through the company’s nonprofit partners. Thread’s goal isn’t to make people buy more clothes. Its mission is to help people buy the right ones. Clothes they wear and love for a long time reduces the need to replace them as often.

Used correctly, values can be an enormously powerful way of codifying and reinforcing the behaviours and attitudes founders and their company stands for. It needs to have a team which genuinely believes in them; people need to be hired, promoted and fired based on alignment to these principles; they need to be tangible and discussed regularly by the whole team. Used this way, they are a compass which gives essential context for all current and future employees on how to succeed at the company. Thread has seven values: user experience obsessed, mind-blowing support, uncomfortably fast, candour, extreme clarity, relentless self-iteration and enjoying the journey together.

The way Thread succeeds is by having a customer experience that’s so good it leaves people stunned. There is no other strategy and without this, no other strategy works.

The way the company achieves this is by being obsessed with the experience customers have. It is relentlessly improving and refining the customer experience to surprise and delight its users. Every recommendation, every detail, every point of communication, every email and notification, every delivery and every return — every moment matters. Making the customer experience better is not the task of one department. It is everyone’s number one priority. Everyone in the company is aligned, thinking and talking about it every day.

At Thread customer queries are treated like emails from the CEO. The company’s goal is customer service so good, everybody who comes into contact with it leaves as an evangelist. Over-investing in the support experience and solving the root of the problem so it doesn’t occur again is the core of the strategy. Mind-blowing service is how to convert one-off customers into people who wouldn’t dream of shopping elsewhere, and who get all of their friends to do the same.

With an average response and resolve time of under 1 hour 50 minutes, Thread’s customer experience is rated five out of five stars as ”Excellent” on Trustpilot, one of the world’s largest independent online review communities.

Ben’s goal has always been to create a place where people can come together and look forward to do their life’s work. When in a quiet moment people find themselves reflecting on their professional lives, the periods they’ll cherish the most are ones where they worked on audacious projects with people they liked and respected, in a positive, healthy and happy environment. At Thread people go out of their way to do their part in achieving this. They show kindness, support, positivity, fun and empathy with each other every day. They listen and pay attention to each other. They strive to jump in and help when needed, and approach challenges with infectious optimism. This attitude is a form of renewable energy.


2017Best Fashion Tech Startup Award
The Europas Awards

Best Use of Content Award
Drapers Awards

2016Best Innovation in Fashion Retail Award
Drapers Awards

Real-Time Innovator Award
British Fashion Council

2015Best Fashion Startup Nominee
The Europas Awards

2014Best E-Commerce Startup Nominee
The Europas Awards

2013Best Use of Technology Nominee
Smarta 100 Awards

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